TWIB Notes (Playoff Bound)- Philadelphia Phillies

Toronto starter Robbie Ray flummoxed Houston hitters at Minute Maid Park, First Baseman Vladdy Guerrero Jr. of the San Diego Padres swats his third Home Run of the playoffs to down the Los Angeles Dodgers and take the series MVP.  It’s all playoffs right now on This Week in Baseball, Phillies Edition.

Brewers Dominate, Sweep Division Series. It was a sweet sweep for the Milwaukee Brewers as they raced past the Atlanta Braves to advance to the League Championship Series. Knocking off last seasons finalists was a tall order for the upstarts from Wisconsin. There must be something in the water up there.

Milwaukee won the series 3-0.

“We’re just fortunate to get through it quickly and be able to rest up for the next series,” said Kyle Seager, who was named series MVP. “You know I spent last season helping that dead from the neck up Phillies team just play respectable ball, while my salary was paid for by the Mariners. This is one sweet final hurrah for me as I contemplate retirement from the OMLB. Right now the air in Milwaukee smells like a brewery as they put more hopps on the burner. Just watch where we are going in this postseason.

For the series, Seager hit .462 with a .500 on-base percentage. He had 1 home runs, drove in 4 RBI and scored 2 runs.

Around the AL
Astros Prevail, as Division Series Goes to the Wire! Mark one up for the Houston Astros.

In the crucial final game, they put away the Chicago White Sox 4-3 at Minute Maid Park to win the Division Series, 3-2 and advance to the League Championship Series.

Although his team came up short, Chicago’s Jose Abreu was named the series MVP, with many of the league media feeling the series would have been over much sooner if not for his contributions.

“I didn’t think I would win a Home Run title or league MVP. That is not why I play the game. I just play the games to win them, that’s all, there is no secret. I want to win a championship but that ain’t happening this year is it.” said Abreu after the game.

The Houston Astros play against the Toronto Blue Jays in the next round. Toronto won their series against the Tampa Bay Rays 3 games to 1 and already lead the League Championship Series against Houston, 2-0, even though being managed by a robot. Kyle “Rob” Ott was quoted as saying, “stupid humans”.

That’s all for this week folks! Join us again next week for This Week in Baseball, Phillies Edition.

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