Oakland – 12/20/2021

Henderson, Jackson, McGwire, Blue and Catfish Hunter. These are just some of the legendary names that new Oakland A’s Scout Kevin Dattola will one day have his sketched along with in history as some of the Greatest A’s in history. Dattola played 3 years of independent ball from 2000-2005 as a LF, with his 2000 season having a .300 AVG and 3.6 WAR. While his professional baseball career didnt last long, Dattola looks to keep the flame alive by becoming the New Head Scout of the A’s. This will be Dattola’s first year as a head scout but was given high praise from some of his previous boss’s.

“This dude can beat me in fantasy football” – Farhan Zaidi”

I have never seen a scout with more upside than Dattola” – Theo Epstein

Oakland A’s GM did have a talk with reporters today about the signing and what he expects out of Dattola, saying “Dattola may be the best scout I have ever laid my eyes on, and we look forward to what he can bring to this storied franchise.”

Dattola has signed a 5 year $100M contract with the Oakland A’s and will have the tough task of building a contender with the scraps left over.

Oakland A’s PR

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