NL MVP Watch

We may be in the dog days of August but the NL MVP race is heating up. Three players have separated themselves from the pack and in all likelihood itll be one of them who wins it. The three contenders are:

  1. Fransisco Lindor- The big acquisition from the Mets has paid off tremendously for SD. Lindor is hitting .330 with a .407 OBP with 24 homers, 92 runs and 72 RBI while playing A+ defense at shortstop. Even though the Padres are heading for a wildcard spot, Lindor’s massive production makes him the MVP favorite in this reporters eyes.
  2. Cody Bellinger- OOTP Cody and IRL Cody could not be having more different seasons. While the human one is struggling with a .161/.235 split, VG Cody is mashing. Bellinger is hitting .313/.429 with 32 homers, 100 RBI and 94 Runs. When you take into account his + defense in Centerfield, CB is right there with Lindor for the award.
  3. Ronald Acuna- The 23 year old RF is having a another stellar year, hitting .285/.387 with 32 homers 88 RBI and 76 Runs. Acuna has been the best player on the Braves who have lead their division from wire to wire.

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