This years race for GM of the year for the national league is shaping up to be a interesting one. The four teams whose executives have a real shot at the award are LAD, SD, ATL and STL, and they really break down into two camps. We have the traders, SD and STL, who wheeled and dealed this season in order to get their teams to the playoffs; and we have the stand-patters who took stock of their clubs and realized they were good. A case can be made for each one, so lets do that:

The Case for the Cards
Won 104 games and the division by 21. Improved the roster with the additions of Story, Gray, Syndegaard, Bryant, Peterson…. and others. Flaherty is a nice starting piece for a rotation, but JP went out and got him  alot of rotation help. The news additions this year of Gray/Syndegaard/Corbin helped STL finish the season with the least runs given up in MLB and the #1 starters ERA.

The Case for the Padres
The dodgers in 2021 were a hell of a obstacle, but Dustin really did everything he could to have a go at them. Scoring the 2nd most runs in the NL in Petco is a hell of a achievment and really speaks to the offense that SD put together. Adding 27 year olds Lindor, Gallo and Buxton along with 22 year old Vladito gave the team some needed offensive spark, and fit in perfectly age wise with the core of the team (Tatis is 22, Kim 26.) Add in 26 year old German Marquez, and you can see the makings of a good team for years to come. The Lindor trade deserves special shout out, with Lindor having a MVP type season while the pitchers he was dealt for having years that could best be described as meh.

The Case for the Dodgers/Braves
Both teams won a lot of games. 115 for the Dodgers and 103 for Atlanta. Both also made zero trades. It takes skill and quite a bit of patience to look at your team and decide that its good enough already to win, no need to go out and acquire anything because we already have enough. Were playing 5 card draw here, these two were dealt a flush and a full house respectively, why trade in any cards when the most likely result is fucking up what you already have?

In an effort for full disclosure the authors vote for NL GM of the year went:

  1. Dustin- SD GM
  2. JP- STL GM
  3. Ron- Nats GM

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