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Constitution of the OMLB
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League Constitution

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The OMLB was originally formed in 2014 using the default 2014 rosters from OOTP 15. The league began with the MLB structure but expanded in 2027 to 32 teams. In 2021, a decision was made to restart the league with 2021 rosters in OOTP 22. Expansion would take place in 2023 with 2021-2022 expansion prep. We use Slack to chat, StatsPlus for online reports, drafting and awards, and maintain a forum for fixed and archived info.Also the history of the 2014-2021 run is archived in the forum. The following is the constitution that was built for the league starting in 2014 through trial and error, clever GM ideas, heavy debate, and voting.

OMLB Officers:
Commissioner: Founding member, Eddie Paxil

Sim Schedule:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday exports due at 8pm Eastern. Playoffs and offseason sims are run everyday with exports due at 8pm.

Activity Check:

GMs who miss three exports will be PM'd in Slack. If there are two no responses around two sims the team is considered abandoned.

Designated for assignments that expires simming protocol:

Three Designated for assignment expirations by one team inside one season results in a 1 million dollar fine. When the sim stops over a DFA expiration the commissioner will write the team down for freebie or fine purposes and no other details. The commissioner will make the best move he can with available info. He may or may not be able to remember when you ask him later. You may have to piece it together yourself.

League Structure
From 2021-2023:
American and National Leagues, each with three divisions of 5 teams

Playoff Format
From 2021-2023:

The MLB format for 2021. 3 Division Champs and 2 Wildcards. The wildcards face off in a one game playoff, with the better record at home. Then Re-seeded (Wildcard 4th) division series in 5 games. Then a 7 game LCS, and a 7 game World Series. All series home advantage determined by record.

Yearly Fan Interest Baseline:

The Commissioner will reset fan interest to 65 for any teams below that threshold at rollover.

Inflation Rule:

Every 10 seasons before rollover. The commissioner will take the difference of the highest salaried player in the file and subtract the Super Star Quality amount listed in the file. The percentage increase will be applied across the board on the internal settings for salaries, budgets, media contracts, and all applicable financial settings in all leagues. This will be considered the inflation percentage. After this is set, rollover will be run. Then we will adjust media contracts with 10 year national and local contracts to comply with the Team Media Revenue Rule.

Team Media Revenue Rule:

Team Media Revenue will not fall from within 75% of the team with the highest media revenue. Local revenues are adjusted to keep teams within that 75%. 10 year National and Local Media Contracts are given to control that.

Player Contracts/Salaries Etc.:
Players with LESS than 3 years of MLB service time, and NOT CURRENT Super Two cannot be given multi year extensions at all.

Players with 3, but less than 4 years of MLB service time AND current Super Two can be extended up to 7 years.
(Super Twos are noted in the arbitration window in the offseason).

Players with 4 or more years of MLB service time can be extended up to 10 years.
Option Years
Team Option years must include a buyout of at least 25% of the option year's value.
Team Option years must not be greater that 125% of the highest guaranteed year.
Two Team Option years are allowed
Incentives & Vesting Option Years
Plate Appearances must not exceed 550
Innings Pitched for Starters must not exceed 200.
Innings Pitched for Relievers must not exceed 75
Individually, Incentives must not exceed 10% of the highest guaranteed year - So each incentive may not exceed $100,000 on a contract with a highest guaranteed year of $1,000,000.

One year extensions are allowed regardless of service time to avoid arbitration.

No Trade Clauses & 10/5 Rights
WILL be honored unless the player waives it (which is rare).
Penalties for Illegal Contracts
A GM will be allowed to rectify up to three contract violations per season.
After the third, contracts will be voided.

Trading Process (Trades Processed Pre-Sim):
FIRST - Post in Slack

Please post your trades in the “Completed Trades” section of Slack. Include any instructions for assigning any traded players for the Commissioner, otherwise they will be left DFA.
Both GM’s involved must confirm the trade. Please follow this format:

Trade Post GM1:

Team A Sends:
Player 1
Player 2
1 Million Cash

Team B Sends:
Player 3

Trade Post GM2:

Team A Sends:
Player 1
Player 2
1 Million Cash

Team B Sends:
Player 3

And type Confirmed (to confirm you agree to this trade)

We ask you to re post the entire trade so there is no disparity as to who was being traded.

SECOND - At least one GM must Post in GAME

Both GM’s can now post trades in the GAME trade window. This is also very useful for first checking the validity of your trade.
- If the players can be traded
- If your team, or the other, can financially accommodate the trade
- If a no-trade clause or a 10/5 rule might negate the move
If both GM’s post the same trade in the game the Commissioner need only confirm the trade, which makes his job very easy, especially around the trade deadline and if there are many moves in a sim!

Rule 5 Draft:

There is a day off before simming up to the rule 5 draft. And there is a second day off before executing the Rule 5 draft.

The entire Rule 5 process is broken down in this post here.

Special DL Rules:

During the month of September, players with a day to day injury cannot be put on the 60 day DL only the 7 day DL.

Nippon League Posting:
The Nippon League runs inside our file as a simmer entity. There will be players posted by the Nippon League. The posting process is broken in the game so once the player is won, the financial "books' will be corrected by the commish.

Independent League Player Purchases:
As another way of acquiring depth, a GM may “purchase” a player from selected Independent Leagues. The OMLB team will be debited the amount, which will be credited to the Independent team.

Who is eligible for purchase?
Players in the Frontier League and Atlantic League which exist as a simming entity inside the OMLB file.

When and how to bid?
Initial bids will be made only after the Independent seasons begin in May, until August 31st of the OMLB season.
All bids will start at $30k. You must have the cash and be in the green in order to place bids. All outbids must be double the previous bid.
All initial bids in #independentbids subsequent bids will be in the same channel while tagging the member of the prior bid. Example: Houston outbids @blue for Joe Bird. Outbids and matches will be processed the next sim day by export time..
All Independent purchases will be processed before the sim, just like trades.

Commissioner/Simmer Note:
It’s important to remember to turn off the player purchases in the Independent League's financial settings or the AI teams will start purchasing players. To process bids more that 30k, simply change the purchase amount in the financial settings. Be sure to set it back to 30k and disable it when you are done. Bids will be processed on the first day of the sim. The normal sequence should be to process trades, then Independent Bids, sim then upload.

Achievement Points - Earning:
Will be awarded for various league related activities.

Timely exporting:
5 points for exports from Opening Day through end of the regular season.
10 point bonus for making every export in a season.

Roll Call:
10 points for answering the Roll Call in the forum and returning for a new season

Commissioner Achievement Points Rule:
Will be given the same number of points each season as the highest points earner come what may.

Achievement Points - Using:
Points will be processed in the off-season.
You may use points by first posting in the Achievement Points Rewards Requested forum, just as you would submit a trade. After the Commissioner processes your request, it will be moved and locked.

5 Points per 100 seats

25 points per foot moving fences in on a Original In Game Stadium. Fences can't be moved out on these types of stadiums. If you have switched to a Gambo Stadium you can do either.

25 points to add a player nickname.

25 Points to convert a retired player to coach. First right of refusal to the team he last played for.

50 points raise fan interest 1 point. Fan interest cannot exceed 80 via this method.

300 points to customize a minor league team.

1500 Points for a new 35,000 seat retractable roof grass stadium. Roof subsidized by MLB per league rules. Must have been a GM for 5 seasons. Dimensions must be within reason. We will use Gambo’s stadium sheet to figure out park factors. 50 points more for an alternate surface. 25 Points per 100 additional seats.

2000 points to relocate a Major League team. Must have been a GM in this league for 7 seasons. The points price includes stadium. 50 points more for an alternate surface. 25 Points per 100 additional seats.

Note: The Oshkosh B'Goses will not be allowed. However, a strong relocation plan to Portland, Vancouver, Montreal, Nashville, Charlotte, or even Mexico City with a solid name will be taken seriously. Also moving the oldest MLB teams (like the Cincinnati Reds) will be denied. Know your franchise and its history please.

Achievement points follow the GM, not the franchise. New GM’s start at 0, they do not retain points of the previous GM.

Winter League:
A Winter Minor League will be used for extra development. The league's 64 game season starts in December. Minor league players can be sent. When the league is not active, the age limit will be set to 13yrs so the AI does not fill the teams.

GM Contract Amnesty Rule:
Upon taking over a team, a GM may amnesty one contract from the existing payroll.

Competitive Draft Pick Program:
The Commissioner, at season rollover, will take the bottom ten teams in revenue and the ten smallest market sizes and divide the picks up by winning percentage.
They will be sandwiched bewteen Round 1 &2 and Rounds 2 & 3.
These picks (and ONLY these picks) may be traded only by the original team holding them.
Even if they qualify for a market compensation pick according to the numbers, a playoff team from the previous season is ineligible to receive one.

The Eddie Paxil DH Edict:
There will never, ever be a DH in the National League.

GM Conduct:
Please use common sense when on the forums, via PM, Slack, or E-mail.
Please treat each other with dignity and respect.
Any inter-GM issues will be dealt with by the Commissioner. The first judged incident carries a Slack suspension of two days and the second leads to expulsion.

Best Interest of the OMLB Rule:
From time to time a decision might need to be made for the best interest of the league (example: bailing a team out of financial ruin). The Commissioner reserves the right to make such ruling.

Selected Settings:
GMs – General Manager/Legacy Mode (retain lineup and rotation control)
Coaching – Off.
Scouting – On (Accuracy Very High)
Player Ratings – 2 to 8
Overall/Potential – 20 to 80
Owner Goals – Off
Injuries - Normal (OOTP Classic)
Delayed Injury Diagnosis – Never
Suspensions- Normal
Personality, Chemistry & Morale – On

DH – AL Only (See the edict elsewhere)
Active Roster – 26 Players
Expanded Roster – 40 Players
Post-Season Roster – 26-Man
Waivers – 8 Days
DFA – 15 Days (effectively two sims)
Injured List – 7 Day (and 60 Day)
Roster Limits – Minor Leagues 30 & Rookie 50 Players

Refuse Minor League Assignment – Off
Rule 5 Draft – Dec 1st
10/5 Veto – On
Draft Pick Trading – ONLY the League Competitive Balance Pick trading as outlined
Drafted Players – Can be traded after signing with their draft team
Draft – 35 rounds (43 generated)
Free Agent COMP – Designations removed Opening Day
Qualifying Offers – Only one career allowed

National Media - $50,000,000
Budget Control – Entire revenue available
Revenue Sharing – Luxury Tax threshold 170% - 25% Tax above
Ticket Prices – GM control (please stay between $16-$50)
IAFA – Cap of $5-Million
Robert D. Manfred Jr.
Commisioner of Baseball