League Constitution

Constitution of the OMLB
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League Constitution

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Basic Overview:
  • The OMLB is an OOTP simulation league, which was formed in 2014 using the default 2014 roster set from OOTP 15. The league began centered on the 30 organizations that made up Major League Baseball and rules at that time. 7 other foreign leagues were included, as well as their rules, 2 of those leagues are sometimes used as the league’s waiting list. (Netherlands and Italy) The OMLB expanded in 2027 with a process that began after 2024.The league now sits at 32 MLB teams, 8 foreign leagues, and 7 varied Independent leagues. The league mainly uses Slack as its chat communication, and StatsPlus for online reports, info, draft hosting, forums, and Word Press. This document is a rundown of the league’s unique settings and rules.
Office Holders:
  • Commissioner- A commissioner will run the league which includes typical commissioner duties like running sims, maintaining the website, and further duties outlined later in this document. Founding member, Eddie Paxil, will serve as the first commissioner, and will be in office until he chooses to step down. He is currently still serving.

    Deputy Commissioner- Currently David Jones serves as deputy commissioner and assists in many facets of the league.

    Schedule Maker- Currently Brendan Burke
    Contract Checker- Terry Farrand
Slack Check In Policy:
  • Slack is the most important part of the league's communication, even though the forum is still in play. GMs need to be checking Slack for communication, trade messages, the draft, and more.

Disabled List:

  • The disabled List for the MLB will be set to 7 and 60 Days. 7 Days for the Minors. Foreign League DLs will be the Roster Defaults except for the two waiting list leagues, which will also be set to 14 Days.
    At the start of September every season teams are not allowed to place a player suffering from a Day to Day injury on the 60 day disabled list.

Note: This league has a no games played sim between the end of Spring and Start of the Season. The exports for this blank sim and the first sim of the next season are combined.

DFA Fine Rule:

  • Teams must mind Players Designated for Assignment. Allowing these players to lapse stops the simulation for the commissioner, and adds time to the process. DFAs are set to 15 days or two sims, Waivers to 8 days or one sim during the regular season. In the offseason that is extended and mores during two week sims. The following rules are now in place to monitor DFA expiration handling.
  • 1. During the offseason any expired DFA will cause the commissioner to run the AI on a team. Whatever the result of the AI is binding. Regardless of the level of prospect who is now on waivers.

    2. During the regular season there will be a two strike system. The first occurrence for a team is a "freebie" the second and subsequent occurrences carry a $1,000,000 fine regardless of the financial state of the team. When the sim stops over a DFA expiration The Commissioner will write the team down for freebie or fine purposes and no other details. The commissioner will make the best move he can with available info. He may or may not be able to remember when you ask him later. You may have to piece it together yourself.

Roster Limits

The limits for the rosters will be as follows:

  • 25 for MLB, 40 man is expanded, and 60 for Spring training.

    30 for all MLB Minor Leagues except for Rookie Leagues which will be 50

    Foreign Leagues will be the Roster set Default for Majors. Minors and reserve rosters will be 50 for all foreign leagues.

Disabled List:

  • The disabled List for the MLB will be set to 7 and 60 Days. 7 Days for the Minors. Foreign League DLs will be the Roster Defaults except for the two waiting list leagues, which will also be set to 14 Days.
    At the start of September every season teams are not allowed to place a player suffering from a Day to Day injury on the 60 day disabled list.


  • For the MLB, 35 round drafts will be held in June of every season and will be conducted using StatsPlus scheduled from the start at opening day using slots. Compensation will be dropped for Free Agents at opening day. We will draft however many round the window from opening day until the draft appears in game allows with the balance of the draft also on StatsPlus. Note during the two expansion process years the balance of the draft will follow the same process thanks to the Stats Plus Association feature. Drafted players can be traded immediately following the draft.

    The OMLB has adopted the MLB's competitive draft pick program. After rollover the commissioner will take the bottom ten teams in revenue and the ten smallest market sizes and divide the picks up by winning percentage. They will be sandwiched bewteen Round 1 &2 and Rounds 2 & 3. These picks. (And only these picks.) Can be traded, and only by the original team that held them. This will begin in 2025. 2027 Expansion teams will NOT be eligible until the end of 2027. However, expansion teams can trade for these picks.

Playoff Format:

  • The Playoff Format after expansion & realignment is now:
    • In each sub league, we advance two division champions who get a bye and both 2nd place teams, then the next two best records overall are wild cards. Seeds for the wild cards are the lowest. We distinguish between each type of participant by record.
    • 1st place teams are seeded 1/2, 2nd place teams are seeded 3/4, and wild card teams are seeded 5/6. Reseed after each round.
    • Disable start date staggering. Enable fixed series start dates.
    • Wild Card Series: Best-of-3, better seed hosts all games. If both teams participating in a series finished with the same record after 162 games, manually flip home field for Game 1 in that series so that it's a 1-2 format.
    • Division Series: Best-of-5, 2-2-1 format.
    • League Championship Series: Best-of-7, 2-3-2 format.
    • World Series: Best-of-7, 2-3-2 format, hosted by the team with the better regular-season record.


  • Trades will be done on the forum. There will be an area specifically for trades called, “Completed Trades.”. Both parties must list all elements of the trade. Simply posting, “confirmed,” will typically not be accepted. For Example:

  • First Post by Team A

    Team A Trades:

    Player A

    Player B

    1 million in Cash

    Team B Trades

    Player C

    Second Post by Team B

    Team A Trades:

    Player A

    Player B

    1 million in Cash

    Team B Trades

    Player C


    An unofficial custom of posting the reasoning for the trade by the G developed over time. This is not a rule, but helpful.
  • Since trades are processed at the start of the sim you can also include any instructions for the commissioner. Like what lineups to put players in, depth chart placement, bullpen assignment, or rotation spot.

    The commissioner will then attempt the trade in the game. If the trade goes through financially he will simply post, “processed.” If the trade does not go through financially he will post why, and the parties will have to rework the trade. Teams in the red can only swap a matching amount of money OR lower their debt. Teams are allowed to use the retain salary feature added beginning with OOTP 18.Trading a player that has had salary already retained on him back to to the retaining team can make things a little kaka so that won’t be allowed. No Trade clauses and 10/5 rejections are honored.

    If there is a variance in the trade of less than the MLB minimum contract currently $500k the trade can go through. If the difference is $500k or more it must me reworked.

Nippon League Posting:
  • There will be players posted by the Nippon League.

Unique Rules:

  • The OMLB will begin primarily by mirroring real life Major League Baseball. However there will be unique aspects that the commissioner has and will implement, they are listed here.

Achievement Points Earning System: There will be Achievement Points awarded for various league related activities. Those Points will be able to be used for such things as building new stadiums and such.

  • Points are only awarded for exports from opening sim of the regular season to the last sim of the regular season. Roll call after the World Series determines those staying.

    Exports made during the sim that stops between Spring Training and Opening Day will be combined for points with the exports made on Opening Day.

    5 points for each export made on time.

    5 points for setting a list for each round of the live draft.

    10-point bonus for making every export in a season.

    15 points for a 500 word article for the website

    20 points for a 750 word article for the website

    A total of 150 points can be earned from articles each season

    The commissioner may hand out Achievement Points at any time to a GM for an act or contribution for which he feels deserves it.

    There is a cap of 300 Achievement Points per season.

    Waiting List GMs can earn Achievement Points.

    Commissioner Achievement Points Rule- The Commissioner will be given the same number of points each season as the highest Points earner.

Achievement Points Awards:

  • 1.Please post a new thread in the Achievement Points Rewards Requested forum with your Achievement Rewards request. (Just like you would with a trade.) After I process your request I will Move the thread to the processed area and lock it.

    2.You can find your point tallies here: m http://theomlb.net/game/Achievement_Points.htm m

    3.Here are the rewards and their values:

    5 Points per 100 seats

    25 points per foot moving fences in on a Original In Game Stadium. Fences can't be moved out on these types of stadiums. If you have switched to a Gambo Stadium you can do either.

    25 points to add a player nickname.

    25 Points to take a retiring player from your team and convert him into a coach. The team that converts him gets the first right of hire.

    50 points raise fan interest 1 point. Fan interest cannot exceed 80 via this method.

    300 points to customize a minor league team.

    1500 Points for a new 35,000 seat retractable roof grass stadium. Roof subsidized by MLB per league rules. Must have been a GM for 5 seasons. Dimensions must be within reason. We will use Gambo’s stadium sheet to figure out park factors. 50 points more for an alternate surface. 25 Points per 100 additional seats.

    2000 points to relocate a Major League team. Must have been a GM in this league for 7 seasons. The points price includes a basic above outlined stadium. 50 points more for an alternate surface. 25 Points per 100 additional seats.There must be a relocation plan the is approved by the league officers that makes sense. I. E. The Osh Kosh B'Koshes will not be allowed. However, a strong relocation plan to Portland, Vancouver, Montreal, Charlotte, or even Mexico City with a solid name will be taken seriously. Also moving the oldest MLB team the Cincinnati Reds anywhere likely won't fly, know what team you run and its history please.

    New GMs do not retain the previous GM's points. Expansion GMs retain their points and may use themas any member does.

Player Contracts/Salaries Etc.:

  • There will be no manipulation of the AI in regards to negotiating salaries. The following rules are in place:

    A. Players with LESS than 3 years of MLB service time, and NOT CURRENT Super Two cannot be given multi year extensions at all.

    B. 3 years of MLB service time AND current Super Two: Cannot extend more than 7 years. (To clarify players must have crossed each respective milestone. Players who will cross it later can't be extended until they do. Super Twos are delineated until the arbitration window i in the offseason.)

    C. One year extensions are allowed regardless of service time to avoid arbitration.

    D. 4+ years of MLB service time: No restriction on length of extensions to 10 years. (The 10 years is a restriction of the game.)

    E. Team Option buyout values must be at least 25% of the value of that option year's salary value.

    F. Team Option Years can be no greater that 125% of the highest guaranteed year.

    ]G. The OMLB allows the full game limited two team option years.

    H. The maximum limit for the minimum plate appearances incentive is 550

    I. The maximum limit for the minimum IP incentive for starters is 200.

    J. The maximum limit for the minimum IP incentive for relievers is 75.

    K. Incentives can individually be no more than 10% of the highest guaranteed year. So each incentive can be up to $100,000 of $1,000,000

    L. No Trade Clauses WILL Be Honored unless the player waives it this includes 10/5 rights.

    M Teams get three violations per season to rectify a contract from rollover to the World Series. After the third violation contracts are automatically voided.

    N. Strikes reset after the next World Series.

Independent League Player Purchases

Finding major league depth and the right role players after an injury can be difficult. Free agency is sometimes an undesirable option in August if you need some help now because the player hasn’t played all year. Many Independent Ball players are former MLB players or players that rejuvenated their careers after being cut. The American Independent leagues have an agreement with the MLB that allows bids to be placed on its players. The Independent team will receive cash from the bidding MLB team and will then be used to buy out the remaining value on the player’s contract. The Independent team will pocket the rest. It’s a win-win for both organizations.

Who is eligible for purchase?

Players in the American Baseball Compact, the Can Am League, the Frontier League, and the Pecos League are eligible for purchase. The foreign and foreign Independents are not eligible. OOTP will only allow players from the active Independent League roster to be purchased. No one from the reserve rosters may be purchased.

When and how to bid

Initial bids will be made only after the Independent seasons have begun in May. Once the MLB season reaches August 31, no more bids will be allowed. All bids will start at $30k. You must have the cash and be in the green in order to place bids. All outbids must be double the previous bid.

The original bidder will have the right to match any outbid so it’s in the best interest of everyone to get at it quickly. It is not required, nor is it encouraged to post initial bids in the #independentbids channel.

Outbids and matches must be posted in #independentbids while tagging the member of the prior bid. Example: Houston outbids @blue for Joe Bird. Outbids and matches will be processed the next sim day. All Independent purchases will be processed before the sim, just like trades.

Commish note: It’s important to remember to turn off the player purchases in the Independent League's financial settings or the AI teams will start purchasing players. To process bids more that 30k, simply change the purchase amount in the financial settings. Be sure to set it back to 30k and disable it when you are done. Bids will be processed on the first day of the sim. The normal sequence should be to process trades, then Independent Bids, sim then upload.

Winter League:

  • This league features a Winter Minor League that we use for extra development of players. The league's season runs 64 game starting in December. The league has an all star game. Its playoffs are one game single eliminations. The rules for sending players there are the same as any minor league. When the league is not active the age limit is set to 13yo. so no players may be put there.

Evolving World System:

  • The founding commissioner is a big fan of creative OOTP Dynasties like Metsgeek’s PLAGUE. He will from time to time include outside the world of Baseball story elements that will affect the league. He will make some of these decisions using Polyhedral Dice. So look out for these. This rule also encompasses any ideas that GMs may have. Everything is up for discussion and change after the league starts.

The Archived Eddie Paxil New Jersey Expansion Rule (Fulfilled starting after the 2024 Season):

  • Anyone who knows the founding Commissioner knows he is a proud New Jerseyan. One of his dreams is that one day the MLB will expand a team into New Jersey. So… there you have the reason for the existence of this rule. The founding Commissioner will start the league as GM of the Miami Marlins. However, at some point in the league’s future he reserve’s the right to expand. One of those expansion teams will be in New Jersey, and he will be taking them over. Relinquishing the Marlins.

Best Interest of the OMLB Rule:

  • From time to time a decision might need to be made for the best interest of the league. (Like bailing a team out of financial ruin.) The Commissioner reserves the right to make such ruling.

On Christmas Eve 2017, Commissioner Eddie Paxil invoked the "Best Interest of the OMLB Rule" as a Christmas Present to himself after a rough semester. The National League will not be allowed to have the designated hitter, regardless of what a vote by NL GMs would yield. (For the record, a straw poll conducted by Eddie Paxil in the last months yielded a 50/50 split.) When Eddie Paxil steps down, unless as he suspects his wife has turned him into an immortal vampire, a new commissioner can reverse this rule.

Housecleaning time. The following are the details of the File settings for the OMLB

  • File Settings:

    GMs are GM only but retain lineup and rotation control.

    Roster Set as far as Player, Coach, & Scout ratings will be used as is, warts and all.

    Roster set Major League Parks all adjusted for accuracy. Foreign Parks left as is, but can be adjusted later.

    Global Settings

    Scouting Settings:

    Scouting- On

    Scouting Accuracy- Very High

    Player Rating Scales:

    Actual Ratings- 2-8

    Potential Ratings- 2-8

    Other Ratings- 2-8

    Overall/ Potential Rating- 20-80

    Show Ratings>Max- No

    Show Potential

    Coaching Staff Setting:

    Coaching- On

    Coach/Scout Ratings Scale- 2-8

    All other settings Current Rosters Default

    Players & Facegen: This is off in game to keep the file size down, but continued FaceGen updated photos are available for download.

    Player Injury, Fatigue & Suspensions:

    Injury Frequency- Normal (OOTP Classic)

    Delayed Injury Diagnosis- Never

    Suspensions- Normal

    Drug Suspensions- On

    Player Personality Settings:

    Personality Ratings- On

    Player Morale System- On

    All other settings Current Rosters Default

    AI Settings

    Current Rosters Default

    Almanac: Broken

    League Settings


    Major League Baseball Post 2027 Alignment with Minors New Alignment [Main GM League]

    American League

    American League East
    New York
    Tampa Bay

    American League West
    Kansas City
    Los Angeles
    Las Vegas Rat Pack

    National League

    National League East
    New York
    St. Louis
    New Jersey Pioneers

    National League West
    Los Angeles
    San Diego
    San Francisco

    Triple A (AAA)

    International League

    IL Northeast Division
    Buffalo Bison (TOR)
    Scranton WB RailRiders (NYA)
    Syracuse Chiefs (NYN)
    Pawtucket Red Sox (BOS)
    Rochester Red Wings (WAS)
    Somerset Patriots (NJP)

    IL Southwest Division
    Durham Bulls (TBA)
    Charlotte Knights (CHA)
    Norfolk Tides (BAL)
    Columbus Clippers (CLE)
    Toledo Mud Hens (DET)
    Lehigh Valley IronPigs (PHI)

    American Association

    AA North Division
    Memphis Redbirds (SLN)
    Iowa Cubs (CHN)
    Nashville Sounds (OAK)
    Indianapolis Indians (PIT)
    Ottawa Lynx (MIN)

    AA South Division
    New Orleans Baby Cakes (MIA)
    Round Rock Express (TEX)
    Oklahoma City Dodgers (LAN)
    Gwinnet Braves (ATL)
    Louisville Bats (CIN

    Pacific Coast League

    PCL North Division
    Colorado Spring Sky Sox (MIL)
    Salt Lake Bees (LAA)
    El Paso Chihuahuas (SDN)
    Albuquerque Isotopes (COL)
    Omaha Storm Chasers (KCA)

    PCL South Division
    Fresno Grizzlies (HOU)
    Sacramento River Cats (SFN)
    Tacoma Rainiers (SEA)
    Reno Aces (LVA)
    Mexico Diablos Rojos (ARI)

    Double A

    Texas League

    TEX North Division
    Springfield Cardinals (SLN)
    Tulsa Drillers (LAD)
    Northwest Arkansas Naturals (KCA)
    Arkansas Traveler (SEA)
    Manchaca Yankees (NYA)

    TEX South Division
    Corpus Christi Hooks (HOU)
    Frisco RoughRiders (TEX)
    San Antonio Missions (SDN)
    TBD Las Vegas Affiliate (LVA)
    Midland Rock Hounds (OAK)

    Eastern League

    Eastern Division
    New Hamshire Fisher Cats (TOR)
    Trenton Thunder (NJP)
    Portland Sea Dogs (BOS)
    Binghamton Rumble Ponies (NYN)
    Reading Fighting Phils (PHI)
    Hartford Yard Goats (COL)

    Western Division
    Harrisburg Senators (WAS)
    Altoona Curve (PIT)
    Bowie Baysox (BAL)
    Akron RubberDucks (CLE)
    Erie Sea Wolves (DET)
    Richmond Flying Squirrels (SFN)

    Southern League

    SL North Division
    Jackson Generals (SLN)
    Tennesse Smokies (CHN)
    Montgomery Biscuits (TBA)
    Birmingham Barons(CHA)
    Chattanooga Lookouts (MIN)

    SL South Division
    Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp (MIA)
    Mississippi Braves (ATL)
    Biloxi Shuckers (MIL)
    Mobile BayBears (LAA)
    Pennsicola Blue Wahoos (CIN)

    High Single A (A+)

    California League

    CAL North Division
    San Jose Giants (SFN)
    Visalia Rawhide (ARI)
    Stockton Ports (OAK)
    Modesto Nuts (SEA)
    Lancaster Jethawks (COL)

    CAL South Division
    Inland Empire 66ers(LAA)
    Lake Elsinore Storm (SDN)
    Tarzana Great Apes (LVV)
    Manhattan Beach Bayfish (NJN)
    Rancho Cucamonga Quakes (LAN)

    Florida State League

    FSL North
    Dunedin Blue Jays (TOR)
    Tampa Yankees (NYA)
    Dayton Tortugas (CIN)
    Florida Fire Frogs (ATL)
    Clearwater Threshers (PHI)
    Lakeland Flying Tigers (DET)

    FSL South
    Palm Beach Cardinals (SLN
    Bradenton Marauders (PIT)
    Jupiter Hammerheads (MIA)
    Fort Myers Miracle (MIN)
    St. Lucie Mets (NYN)
    Charlotte Stone Crabs (TBA)

    Carolina League

    CAR Northern Division
    Salem Red Sox (BOS)
    Wilmington Blue Rocks (KCA)
    Lynchburg Hillcats (CLE)
    Frederick Keys (BAL)
    Potomac Nationals (MIN)

    CAR Southern Division
    Buies Creek Astros (HOU)
    Myrtle Beach Pelicans (CHN)
    Carolina Mudcats (MIL)
    Down East Wood Ducks (TEX)
    Winston Salem Dash (CHA)

    South Atlantic League

    Northern Division
    Albany Polecats (LVA)
    West Virginia Power (PIT)
    Hagerstown Suns (WAS)
    Kannapolis Intimidators (CHA)
    Elmira Rivermen (PHI)
    Lakewood BlueClaws (NJP)
    Delmarva Shorebirds (BAL)
    Greensboro Grasshoppers (MIA)
    Lexington Legends (KCR)

    Southern Division
    Charleston RiverDogs (NYA)
    Columbia Fireflies (NYN)
    Asheville Tourists (COL)
    Rome Braves (ATL)
    Augusta GreenJackets (SFG)
    Greenville Drive (BOS)
    Hickory Crawdads (TEX)

    Midwest League

    Eastern Division
    South Bend Cubs (CHN)
    Lansing Lugnuts (TOR)
    West Michigan Whitecaps (DET)
    Dayton Dragons (CIN)
    Bowling Green Hot Rods (TBA)
    Great Lakes Loons (LAD)
    Fort Wayne TinCaps (SDP)
    Lake County Captains (CLE)

    Western Division
    Cedar Rapids Kernels (MIN)
    Clinton LumberKings (SEA)
    Peoria Chiefs (STL)
    Quad Cities River Bandits (HOU)
    Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (MIL)
    Burlington Bees (LAA)
    Kane County Cougars (ARI)
    Beloit Snappers (OAK)

    Short Season A (S A)

    New York-Penn League

    NYP Stedler Division
    Vermont Lake Monsters (OAK)
    Batavia Muckdogs (MIA)
    Auburn Doubledays (WAS)
    Hudson Valley Renegades (TBA)

    NYP McNamara Division
    Staten Island Yankees (NYA)
    Brooklyn Cyclones (NYN)
    Williamsport Crosscutters (PHI)
    Montclair Jackals (NJN)

    NYP Pinckney Division
    Aberdeen Ironbirds (BAL)
    West Virginia Black Bears (PIT)
    Mahoning Valley Scrappers (CLE)
    Bethel Park White Wings (LVA)

    NYP Julian Division
    State College Spikes (SLN)
    Connecticut Tigers (DET)
    Lowell Spiners (BOS)
    Tri Valle Cats (HOU)

    Northwest League

    Everett Aqua Sox (SEA)
    Tri City Dust Devils (SDN)
    Spokane Indians (TEX)
    Vancouver Canadians (TOR)

    Boise Hawks (COL)
    Eugene Emeralds (CHN)
    Hillsboro Hops (ARI)
    Salem-Kiezer Volcanoes (SFG)

    Hi Rookie Ball (R+)

    Appalachian League

    Bluefield Blue Jays (TOR)
    Danville Braves (ATL)
    Pulaski Yankees (NYA)
    Burlington Royals (KCA)
    Princeton Giants (PRI)

    Elizabethton Twins (MIN)
    Johnson City Cardinals (STL)
    Bristol Pirates (PIT)
    Kingsport Mets (NYN)
    Greeneville Astros (HOU)

    Pioneer League

    Great Falls Voyagers (CHA)
    Idaho Falls Chukars (KCA)
    Billings Mustangs (CIN)
    Helena Brewers (MIL)
    TBD Minnesota Twin Affiliate (MIN)

    Orem Owlz (LAA)
    Ogden Raptors (LAD)
    Missoula Osprey (ARZ)
    Grand Junction Rockies (COL)
    Nanaimo Bars (SD)

    Rookie League (Rk+)

    Gulf Coast League

    North Division
    Tampa (NYA) Yankees
    Dunedin (TOR) Blue Jays
    Clearwater Phillies
    Bradenton Pirates
    Lakeland Tigers
    Viera Nationals
    Kissimmee Astros
    Lake Buena Vista Braves

    Southeast Division
    Jupiter (MIA) Marlins
    Boca Raton Pioneers (NJP)
    Jupiter (STL) Cardinals
    Port St. Lucie Mets
    Fort Myers (MIN) Twins
    Fort Myers (BOS) Red Sox
    Port Charlotte Rays (TBA)
    Sarasota Orioles

    Arizona League

    ARL East
    Mesa Cubs (CHN)
    Arizona (CHI) White Sox (CHA)
    Goodyear Reds (CIN)
    Arizona (MIL) Brewers (MIL)
    Arizona (CLE) Indians (CLE)
    Arizona (TEX) Rangers (TEX)
    Arizona (ARI) Diamondbacks. (AZD)

    ARL West
    Arizona (LA) Dodgers (LAD)
    Peoria (SD) Padres (SDN)
    Tempe Angels (LAA)
    Tempe Rat Pack (LVA)
    Scottsdale Giants (SFG)
    Phoenix Athletics (OAK)
    Peoria (SEA) Mariners (SEA)

    Foreign Rookie League (FRk)

    Dominican Summer League

    San Francisco (DSL) Giants
    Minnesota (DSL) Twins
    San Diego (DSL) Padres
    Arizona (DSL) Diamondbacks
    Baltimore (DSL) Orioles 1
    Chicago A (DSL) White Sox
    New York N 2 (DSL) Mets 2
    Miami (DSL) Marlins
    Los Angeles (DSL) Angels
    Colorado (DSL) Rockies
    Philadelphia (DSL) Phillies
    Texas (DSL) Rangers
    Oakland (DSL) Athletics
    Boston (DSL) Red Sox
    Los Angeles (DSL) Dodgers
    Seattle (DSL) Mariners
    Tampa Bay (DSL) Rays
    Kansas City (DSL) Royals
    Cleveland (DSL) Indians
    New York A (DSL) Yankees 1
    Cincinnati (DSL) Rojos
    Pittsburgh 2 (DSL) Pirates 2
    St. Louis (DSL) Cardinals
    Washington (DSL) Nationals
    Chicago N (DSL) Cubs
    Houston 2 (DSL) Astros 2
    Toronto (DSL) Blue Jays
    Atlanta (DSL) Braves
    Milwaukee (DSL) Brewers
    Detroit (DSL) Tigers
    New Jersey (DSL) Pioneers
    Las Vegas (DSL) Rat Pack

    Venezuelan Summer League

    Chicago (VSL) Cubs
    Philadelphia (VSL) Phillies
    Detroit (VSL) Tigers
    Seattle (VSL) Mariners
    New Jersey (VSL) Pioneers
    Las Vegas (VSL) Rat Pack
    Colorado (VSL) Rockies
    San Francisco (VSL) Giants
    Minnesota (VSL) Twins
    San Diego (VSL) Padres
    Baltimore (VSL) Orioles 1
    Chicago A (VSL) White Sox
    Miami (VSL) Marlins
    Los Angeles (VSL) Angels
    Texas (VSL) Rangers
    Boston (VSL) Red Sox
    Los Angeles (VSL) Dodgers
    Kansas City (VSL) Royals
    Cleveland (VSL) Indians
    Cincinnati (VSL) Rojos
    Washington (VSL) Nationals
    Chicago N (VSL) Cubs
    Toronto (VSL) Blue Jays
    Atlanta (VSL) Braves
    Milwaukee (VSL) Brewers
    Oakland (VSL) Athletics

    Nippon w/ Ni-Gun

    Korean Baseball w/ Korean Futures

    Liga Mexicana

    Serie Nacional (Cuban)

    Honkbal Hoofdklasse (Netherlands) [Waiting List League]

    Italian [Waiting List League]

    Chinese Pro League


    Australian Baseball League

    American Association

    Atlantic League

    Frontier League

    Shikoku Island League Plus

    Baseball Challenge


    Can-Am League


    Any vacant teams will be made a "zombie team" until a GM is found. They will be given a generic GM with the name of the team as the name. They will be able to set lineups, rotations, deal with injuries, promote and demote, draft and sign draftees, and hire staff, but will not be able to trade, sign free agents, or extend players. This is so the zombie GM during what is hopefully a short reign, cannot financially hurt the vacant team with a bad contract.

    All settings Current Rosters Default for all Leagues


    All settings Current Rosters Default for all Leagues except for the following-

    Team owner does not control Budget, entire revenue available.

    Player Development on with a baseline of 9 million.

    GMs will be able to change ticket prices within a pre determined range of $16-$52

    There will be no Cash Max.

    Fan Loyalty and Fan Interest Will be maintained at a minimum of 65 by adjusting to that after rollover each season. Anyone above that threshold will stay where they are.

    Total Media Revenues have been and will continue to be adjusted so the lowest media revenue is no less than 75% of the highest.


    Dynamically Evolving League- On

    Evolving Options- More/ Less Offense & More/ Less Pitching

    Award Names Adjusted for all Leagues as is Hall of fame Requirements

    Schedules are default Roster set schedules

    Championship Series Names adjusted for all Leagues.


    All default roster set settings except for the following-

    NO International Established Free Agents for MLB

    No Free Agents from Independent Leagues for MLB


    All settings Current Rosters Default for all Leagues

    Stats & AI:

    All settings Current Rosters Default for all Leagues

GM Conduct:

  • Finally, it shouldn’t have to be said, but it does and has come into play. Please use common sense when on the forums, via PM , Slack, or via E-mail. Please treat each other with dignity and respect. Any inter-GM issues will be dealt with by the commissioner. The first judged incident carries a Slack suspension of two days and the second leads to expulsion
Robert D. Manfred Jr.
Commisioner of Baseball