2025 Draft Easter Eggs

Info and Details on the 2025 Draft. Competitive Balance Picks will be listed here.
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2025 Draft Easter Eggs

Post by Eddie Paxil-Commish » Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:06 am

There are 6 Easter Eggs in the 2025 Draft. They have varying difficulty IMHO. So they are worth a different amount of points, happy hunting.

Easter Egg #1 (5 Points): Charlie Cooper

1. SP Joe “Baseball Joe” Matson (5 points)- Baseball Joe Watson is the hero in the classic young adult “Baseball Joe” series of books written by Lester Chadwick. Chadwick was actually a pen name of children’s writer Howard R. Garis mostly known for Uncle Wiggily Longears. Hint: Nickname, Hometown, & Transfer from Yale in history.

Easter Egg #2 (10 Points): John Gagan

SP Lonnie “The Rooster” Brewster (10 points).- In the wonderful Christopher Reeves animated project “Everyone’s Hero” Lonnie is a Negro League Player voiced by Forrest Whitaker who plays for the Cincinnati Tigers. A very Satchel Paige like character our hero Yankee Irvin encounters after meeting his daughter, and even spends time on the Tigers travel bus. “The King of the Curveball.” Hints: Nickname, Given Cincinnati Hometown, Forrest Whitaker’s Ht, Wt, and Birthday.

Easter Egg #3 (15 Points): Charlie Cooper

3. CIF/COF Merrill Hess (15 points)- Uncle Merrill in the M. Night Shyamalyan movie, “Signs” played by Joaquin Phoenix. He apparently could hit monstrous home runs, but was a strike out machine. For him it just felt right to swing. Hints: From Newtown, Pennsylvani where the film was set, & his history mentions Merrill’s 507 ft Home Run Record.

Easter Egg #4 (20 Points): John Gagan

4. SP Whitt “The Jade Angel” Bass (20 Points)- Starting Pitcher in the modern Disney version of “Angels” played by actor Neal McDonough. McDonough did the voice of my favorite fictional character of all time. Bruce Banner who becomes the Incredible Hulk. He did it for the short lived 90s animated version. Hints: The nick name Jade Angel references the movie’s angels and Hulk’s color, Estimated height of Neal McDonough and Bruce Banner, weight of Bruce Banner.

Easter Egg #5 (25 Points): John Gagan

5. SS Wyatt Kiser (25 Points)- A real life young man who played on the Gibsonburg, Ohio high school team that won the state title after a 6-17 regular season, but went 8-0 in tournament play. An ok fictionalized independent movie was made on the team. And perhaps a highlight in he movie is Kiser facing a soon to be 1st round pick pitcher he never liked going back to little league. Those details were made up for the movie but this wasn’t. Kiser led off the game with his first home run of any kind, ever in his life while playing baseball anywhere. He followed it up with another a few innings later. Being the latest, “where did that come from” during their run. Hints: Number, Hometown, Ohio St.is the real Wyatt Kiser’s favorite team. & history shows a Gibsonburg State title.

Easter Egg #6 (40 Points): No one got this one. I stumped the lot of you!

6. 2B #1 Juan Lopez AND SS #2 Juan Lopez (40 points)- In the mostly hated Major League movie “Back in the Minors” one of the highlights that manager Gus Cantrell encounters are these guys. Twin brothers with the same name. In a very “who’s on first” moment Scott Bakula’s Cantrell, in order to tell them apart says to the Spanish speakers with limited English, “You’re Juan one, and you’re Juan two.” The reply, “Sounds good coach.” The roles were actually played by Triplets. The Difilippo Triplets of Warwick, Rhode Island. The triplets are most well know for being the Trey of Trifforia on the Power Rangers. Hints: The positions with the 2B as #1 and the SS as #2 as in the movie, both from Warwick, RI, the hometown of the triplets both have same birthdate which is the real triplets birthdate, both went to Long Beach State, both have the same photo, and same ht and wt, and both are nicknamed Trey for the Triplets signature Power Rangers role.
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