Draft Easter Eggs for 2024

The Last 30 Team Draft in OMLB History.
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Draft Easter Eggs for 2024

Post by Eddie Paxil-Commish » Mon Jul 10, 2017 4:56 pm

There are 6 Easter Eggs in the 2043 Draft. They have varying difficulty IMHO. So they are worth a different amount of points, happy hunting.

Easter Egg #1 (5 Points): Jason Love

Bobby Savoy- Bat Boy from the movie, “The Natural.” Hints: Name, Roy Hobbs’ Number, Roy Hobbs position, Roy Hobbs’ Ht and Wt., Left/ Left like Hobbs, & young actor George Wilkosz’s Buffalo, New York Hometown.

Easter Egg #2 (10 Points): Charlie Cooper

Max Dubois- RF from the Chinichi Dragons in Mr. Baseball with Tom Selleck played by Dennis Haysbert. Hints, Name, Dennis Haysbert’s real birth month and day, Dennis Haysbert’s real Ht and Wt, R/R, Denis Haysbert’s real hometown, Max Dubois’ position chart from the movie, and Max Dubois’ # from the Movie.

Easter Egg #3 (15 Points): Craig Henigan

Gil Gamesh- SP- Veteran Lefty Pitcher and Soviet Double Agent in Phillip Roth’s novel, “The Great American Novel” Hints: Name, Nationality, L/L, Hometown Newark, NJ the same hometown as the Newark Bears who often paid homage to the slap stick book.

Easter Egg #4 (20 Points): Matthew Monroe

Fernando Frias- 1B/OF- Little League player from Harlem team that captured the nation and certainly NY by storm in 2002 after the Daniel Almonte controversy. His teammates called him, “Sosa.” He copied Samm Sosa’s stance and did the bunny hop. He called his shot for a Home Rune to Left and u off the CF wall. Later drafted by the Nationals in the 50th Round in 2008. Hint: Name, Number, Position, Nationality, & City of Birth.

Easter Egg #5 (26 Points): 13 for Craig and 13 for Jason Love

Josephus Birch- CF?OF- Billy Chapel’s friend from, “For Love of the Game” the book. He was renamed Davis Birch for the movie. Hints: Name, Number from Movie, L/L, Position, and hometown is Atlanta the same as Chapel’s team the Hawks in the book.

Easter Egg #6 (30 Points): Jason Love

Mike McGrevey- Malcontent starting pitcher from “Little Big League” played by former minor league pitcher turned actor Scott Patterson. Hints: Name, Position, Movie #, Patterson’s real Ht, real Wt, R/R, and hometown.
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