Expansion Restriction Clarifications and Changes

Everything about the 2027 MLB Expansion
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Expansion Restriction Clarifications and Changes

Post by RobManfred » Wed Nov 08, 2017 4:35 am

There has been some confusion on what the expansion teams can and can't do so I wanted to isolate and clarify them. I'm also making three changes based on what I've seen this offseason.

1. The expansion teams can’t sign MLB (Note MLB) free agents that are age 26-34 during the two seasons before they start play, The key word is sign and MLB. They can trade for or claim a player of any age they want. They can sign a minor league Free Agent of any age.

2. International free agents of MLB quality can’t be signed by the expansion teams between the ages of 26-34 for the 2025 SEASON ONLY. After that first season, they have free reign over International Free Agents. Basically players from Japan, Cuba, and I'm adding Australia can't be signed in 2025 within that age range. Outside of that they have free reign. (The addition of Australia is in response to the talent level it produced, and is one of the three changes.)

3. Another change is that players who are a year removed from the MLB carry no restriction. Even if their last club was an MLB team. If 30 MLB teams didn't see fit to have them in their organization for an entire year they shouldn't be kept from the expansion teams.

4. The last clarification and change is I am removing the 20 day MLB service time restriction on the expansion "Major League" players. The reason is simple. After discussion with other GMs and doing some research I have seen that despite the expansion league being set to the same reputation and level as the OMLB, players are asking for as much as ten times the salary from them regardless of prior experience or success level. Because expansion teams are paying that much more in some cases for players who have never played a major league game I am dropping this restriction.

The detailed expansion process has been updated to reflect this.
Robert D. Manfred Jr.
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Re: Expansion Restriction Clarifications and Changes

Post by DavidJ » Wed Nov 08, 2017 12:16 pm

Someone has put an awful lot of thought into an awful lot. 8-)
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Re: Expansion Restriction Clarifications and Changes

Post by Eddie Paxil-Commish » Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:51 pm

DavidJ wrote:
Wed Nov 08, 2017 12:16 pm
Someone has put an awful lot of thought into an awful lot. 8-)
The age restriction in 1 and 2 were Charlie during our marathon night discussing this. The ability to sign any other FA has tons of precedent. Most notably the DBAcks snatching up Travis Lee after he didn't sign. The restriction on INT FA was a compromise, but I fought hard to keep it out because the Rays signed Rolando Arrojo a year before they started play and stashed him in the minors for a year. Great move on their part even if Arrojo only did have one good season. I argued had there been an INT FA worthy the first year both teams would have made a push especially Tampa for a Cuban. Charlie argued the player wouldn't sign two years out, I said depends on the age maybe. So there's what you got from all that.

The rest was after someone mentioned player I was interested in trying to sign. They said he was asking for around 2 mil, but I saw 20 mil. So I started looking. There are/ are tons of instances of that. The year removed thing makes sense is all.

I'm reacting on the fly to the things the file is doing in response to the expansion teams. I don't know of any league that's ever tried this on this level.
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Re: Expansion Restriction Clarifications and Changes

Post by bwburke94 » Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:50 pm

After Travis Lee became a free agent in 1996, he was considered an amateur FA, though there was no meaningful difference at the time.

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