OMLB Draft Review - 2016 Edition

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OMLB Draft Review - 2016 Edition

Post by hmason91 » Tue Jul 25, 2017 9:22 pm

2016 Draft Analysis

1) Houston Astros Anthony Molina - MR

Current Club – Cubs Level – ML

Never winning more than 6 games in a season, Anthony has yet to find a true place in this league. Mainly used as a bullpen arm in Houston, he has now moved onto Chicago where he is a starter. Only having 3 seasons in the MLB where he has started more than 8 games, this season will be a huge tell as to whether Molina can be a star in this league, or if he will be labeled a disappointment.

2) Philadelphia Phillies Will Benson – 1B

Current Club – Phillies Level – ML

A two time All-Star, and one time Silver Slugger and Gold Glove winner, Will Benson has really become an underrated superstar. After a 27 HR, .300+ AVG season, Benson has put his name up there in the discussion for best 1B in the league, and he is only 25!!

3) Chicago Cubs Bo Bichette - SS

Current Club - Retired Level

Bo had such a bright future. Crushing the ball in the minors, Bo was up in AAA and rumors were that he was penciled in to be called up and start the next season. He was also rumored to be a huge piece in a potential trade attempt to acquire Mike Trout 3 years earlier to when the Cubs eventually did get Trout. However, Bo had other plans where he decided to put away his bat, and grab some shoulder pads and test his skill in the NFL. To this day, Bo will always get booed by the Chicago Bears fans when he comes to town with the Titans.

4) Toronto Blue Jays Austin James - CF

Current Club – Blue Jays Level – ML

Toronto took their time to move James through their system. Taking 4 years to break through, he never had a season in the minors with a WAR higher than 0.8. However, he gets his shot in 2021 and goes out and performs a 2.76 WAR season. Last year, a career high 4.53 WAR led his to start in 152 games, the first time he started over 100 games in a season. However James is not the star that his draft position might assume. He has never had an average over .240 or an on base percentage over .350, but he is a solid player who will get the job done.

5) Kansas City Royals Mason Templet – 2B

Current Club – Royals Level – ML

Mason Templet, the 2021 Rookie of the Year, continues to become a star in this league. Batting .336/.391/.843 last year, Mason is starting to become an elite 2B in this league. Never going to impress with his power, he did put up double digit HRs last year, and has continued to improve year after year. Mason is one of the top players in this draft.

6) Baltimore Orioles Kyle Serrano - SP

Current Club – Mets Level – AAA

Classic example of a prospect pushed through the system too quick. Drafted in 2016, he played 11 games in the minors before pitching 7 games for the Orioles that year. The decision didn’t look terrible as the following year we pitched 200 innings and a WAR of 3.44. However, that was the last success that Kyle would taste. He steadily regressed, and has now been an after thought bullpen arm on a AAA team where he was signed on a minor league contract last summer.

7) Arizona DiamondbacksLogan Pouelsen – 1B

Current Club – Rockies Level – ML

Logan has been a steady first basemen for the past three seasons. Always hitting for a high average and even showing a bit of power, knocking out 25 HRs in 2022. Pouelsen will have a long career when its all said and done.

8) Los Angeles DodgersTJ Collett - C

Current Club – Twins Level – ML

TJ has never gotten close to his top 10 pick hype, but he has made it through to the bigs. He had a career year last year hitting 24 2Bs and an average of .278. If he can repeat that season, look for him to be a consistent starter. If not, he will have to make a role as a bench player in order to stay in the league.

9) Miami MarlinsBlake Sabol - C

Current Club – FA Level

Blake Sabol was considered a top catching prospect leading into this draft. However, he never found footing with the Marlins before they traded him to the Braves in 2019. Never looking like the elite prospect he once was, all teams lost hope on him and he is currently a FA hoping a team will give him a call and give him a chance to prove his talents.

10) Minnesota Twins Chris Okey - C

Current Club – Astros Level – ML

Okey was the third elite catching prospect in this draft. Like the others, he has yet to make a place in this league. He broke out for a great sophomore campaign in 2021 where he hit over .300 and hit 18 HRs, but that season seems like a fluke. Recently being involved in a few trades this past season, Okey has found himself as the backup C in Houston behind the MVP caliber Cullen. Okey will have to wait his turn until a team calls his name to be their starting catcher, and many believe that call will never come.

11) Milwaukee Brewers Spencer Steer – 3B

Current Club – Brewers Level – ML

Spencer Steer has already had 2 great seasons so far under his belt. Having a balanced attack has helped propel the Brewers to some great success. This season it looks like he will continue to improve and we look for him to potentially make his first All Star appearance this year. One of the few players in this draft who has performed close to their pick status.

12) Cincinnati RedsSheldon Neuse – 3B

Current Club – Reds Level – ML

Sheldon Neuse, a college bat when drafted, never really looked close to being polished enough. Now at age 29 Sheldon is in his fourth year in the bigs, and really does nothing well. Already off to a poor start this season, the clock is winding down on his OMLB career.

13) San Francisco Giants - Dakota Donovan - SP

Current Club – Royals Level – ML

Dakota Donovan has had a long and winding career so far. Only truly having one year in the majors, 2021, where he pitched 87 innings and went 3-9 with a 5.65 ERA, he has been up and down in the minors for the past few seasons. This year he has started off strong with the Royals. So far he is 2-0 with a 2.48 ERA, and he is already halfway there to a new career record in IP in the majors. Lets just hope this success sticks and is not just a false start.

14) Washington Nationals - Taylor Allum - SP

Current Club – Nationals Level – ML

Drafted as a college arm, Allum moved quickly through the system. Originally a bullpen arm with the Nationals when first called up, he has now transitioned into a starter. During the past 3 seasons Allum has pitched 550 innings with a 28-39 record. Allum wont win any awards anytime soon, but he has been a decent starter in the league the past few years.

15) Chicago White Sox - Trever Morrison – 2B

Current Club – White Sox Level – ML

Trever Morrison has had some bad luck with injures throughout his career. Having back-to-back years where he broke a bone in his elbow, Morrison has finally endured the pain and fought to make it into the OMLB. Never before getting a chance to be a full time player, this year he finally impressed coaches and is given a shot to be the everyday SS.

16) Los Angeles Angels - Justin Lavey - SS

Current Club – Pirates Level – ML

Lavey has found himself to be a man of many positions. At 26 he has already found his place with the Pirates. His versatility makes him a managers dream as last year he played 3 games at 3B, 8 games at RF, 26 at CF, 27 at SS, and 72 at 3B. This season he has already been at RF, SS, 3B, with his main position being CF. Add in that he is hitting .320 with 5 HRs already, and this guy is having the breakout year that will propel his career.

17) San Diego Padres - Ryan Orr - C

Current Club – Reds Level – ML

If you ever visit Ryan Orr’s locker you will see evidence of his 5 straight minor league All-Star appearances (2019 to 2023). You will also see his MVP and Gold Glove from 2016. This guy is a minor league stud. However, from 2020-2023 he has played in 1, 5, 24, and 8 games in the majors respectively. This clearly shows that he has accomplished enough in the minors to be called up, but keeps being sent back down. This year he found a new home in Cincinnati where he has already played in 19 games. This may be the year that ends his minor league All-Star appearance streak.

18) Cleveland Indians - Jack Little - MR

Current Club – Lakers Level – INT

A once first rounder, Jack Little never had a taste of any OMLB action. After burning out in the minors, he jumped ship to the Honkbal Hoofdklasse league to play for the AmigoO ADO Lakers. Making $15,000 a year, I was curious about this league so I sent a scout over there to check out how he looked... unfortunately the scout is MIA...

19) Atlanta Braves - Jacob Abbott - SS

Current Club – Braves Level – ML

Jacob Abbott, the 2020 Rookie of the League, has the second highest accumulated WAR in the entire 2016 draft, only behind Will Benson. Abbott specializes in his defense at SS and at 26 is one of the elite defensive SS in the league. At the plate he doesn’t really do anything great. He does hit for above average power at SS, but that comes with the high strikeout rate. Not an elite player, but he will be a long-term starter.

20) Boston Red Sox - Charles King - SP

Current Club – Red Sox Level – ML

An 8 year minor leaguer, he was finally given a glimmer of hope last year where he appeared in 4 games for the Red Sox. This year as a reliever for Boston, Charles will look to prove to everyone that he belongs. Still only 25 there is hope he sticks. If not, I heard that the Honkbal Hoofdklasse league was looking for more players to fill their rosters.

21) Tampa Bay Rays - Landon Miner - SP

Current Club – White Sox Level – ML

Landon Miner has only pitched 29 games in the majors, and 5 of those have been in this short season. Nothing jumps out at you indicating that Miner will be any good. Scouts may still think he has room to grow, but his talent has still lagged behind.

22) Seattle Mariners - Christopher Machamer - SP

Current Club – Rays Level – AAA

The Mariners gave up on Machamer, but the Rays gave him a second chance on a minor league contract reently. Why give him a second chance? Not really sure.

23) Colorado Rockies - Dominic Foscalina

Current Club – Nationals Level – AAA

Dominic is another guy where the original team let him walk, and a new team has given him a minor league contract as a second chance. Nothing special to say here.

24) St. Louis Cardinals - Tyler Mondile - SP

Current Club – Cardinals Level – ML

Tyler has had a year as a highly used reliever, and followed that up with a season where he was one start away from pitching 200 innings as a starter. This year he was given the chance to start again, however has begun the season 0-5. He needs to turn it around quick, or else a bullpen role would be better than the alternative.

25) New York Mets - Joey Polak - SS

Current Club – Tigers Level – ML

Joey Polak can tell his friends that he plays in the majors, so that’s pretty cool. Already on his third OMLB team in four years, he still lives out of boxes in his motel in Detroit. So far it looks like Polak may have a career year. That isn’t saying too much, so lets hope Polak keeps his picture frames in the boxes.

26) Texas Rangers - Sam Ferri – 1B

Current Club – Rangers Level – AA

Ferri is in his 3rd season in AA. Rumors are that Ferri is putting himself in a position where he can step in as the AA hitting coach once the current coach’s contract expires. Current hitting coach responded by saying, “Ferri has a career batting average of .239 in AA. Why should I be worried?”

27) Detroit Tigers - Drake Fellows - SP

Current Club – Tigers Level – ML

Fellows never cut it as a starter. During his first 5 seasons in the minors he went 45-36, and he was given 17 games to start and went 2-11 over two seasons. He went back to the minors to work on becoming a bullpen arm, and is now back up in the pen. Only pitching 5 innings so far, his 10+ ERA doesn’t bode well for him.

28) Pittsburgh Pirates - Tyler Thornton - MR

Current Club – Angels Level – ML

Finally another success story. Tyler Thornton has already carved out a long OMLB career. In his 8th OMLB season he has 4 seasons where he was a starter and 3 seasons as a reliever. This season he has started one game, but got hurt in his second inning of work. It looks like Thorton is in the plans of starting for the Angels, but if he works out of the pen, he will be one of the best in the league.

29) Baltimore Orioles - Brennon Lund - CF

Current Club – Orioles Level – AAA

Lund was in the OMLB from 2019 to 2023 playing in over 500 games. New management in Baltimore has not worked out well for Lund. Sent down to AAA, Lund has had a terrible start and it looks like he has a steep road back to the majors.

30) San Diego Padres - Jonathan Gettys - SP

Current Club – Cubs Level – ML

Gettys was drafted by the Padres and sent to Chicago for Kris Bryant less than 7 months after he was drafted. Working quick through the minors, Gettys already has a record of 54-22 in the OMLB and just turned 26 a few weeks ago.

31) Detroit Tigers - James Haynes - MR

Current Club – Tigers Level – ML

Haynes had made a few spot starts for the Tigers the past two seasons, but this season it looks like he will be a full time bullpen arm. There have not been major expectations for him since a great 2021 season, but since then he has been a big disappointment.

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Re: OMLB Draft Review - 2016 Edition

Post by hmason91 » Tue Jul 25, 2017 9:24 pm

Next 10 picks coming tomorrow

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Re: OMLB Draft Review - 2016 Edition

Post by hmason91 » Thu Jul 27, 2017 2:33 am

last picks coming tomorrow

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Re: OMLB Draft Review - 2016 Edition

Post by hmason91 » Thu Jul 27, 2017 10:09 pm



Re: OMLB Draft Review - 2016 Edition

Post by Lovepump(Giants) » Fri Jul 28, 2017 1:25 pm

Nice write up, thanks for doing the research. I am assuming the A's signed a FA and lost their 1st rounder.

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Re: OMLB Draft Review - 2016 Edition

Post by Eddie Paxil-Commish » Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:37 pm

You destroyed the 500 Words, and I know this came in pieces.

35 Points for this article big boy.
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