Aug 2, 2032

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This is where all the trades in OMLB History are archived. At a certain point GMs began including their reasoning for the trade which helps for historical context.
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Aug 2, 2032

Post by Eddie Paxil-Commish » Fri Jul 03, 2020 11:42 pm

Texas sends:
RP Jorge Sanchez (AAA)
NY Mets send:
C José Ramírez (ML)

Mariners send:
P Gene Blackwell (ML-DFA)
Marlins send:
SP-Jose Souza (A+)
CL-Jose Vidal (A+)

Mets Send:
SP Ronnie Page in AAA
Rat Pack Send:
$2 million in cash

Texas sends:
SP Ernesto Rangel (Intl Compl)
Seattle Sends:
SP Josbel Coroba (ML) - retain 100% salary

Mariners send:
P Noburo Sugiyama (ML-DFA_
Tiger send:
P Brent Eveson (DSL)
1B Dan Kares (A+)
OF Benjamim Reimonde (A+)
P Angelo Sanchez (DSL)

Texas Sends:
RP Jim Turner (ML)
$5m cash
Arizona sends:
CF Jonathon Streng (AZ Rk)
CF Bob Clairmont (A+)

Cardinals Trade:
OF - Ian Drake (MLB)
RP - Mike Bryant (MLB)
Astros Trade:
SP - Randy Page (AA)

Braves send:
LF Mike Wellborn
NJ sends:
RF Ben Ponomarenko (AA)
CF Jorge Valdez (A+)
2B Augusto Franceschi (AA)
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