2032 Competitive Balance Picks

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2032 Competitive Balance Picks

Post by Eddie Paxil-Commish » Wed Apr 29, 2020 4:48 pm

Here is how the process unfolded determining the 2030 Competitive balance picks:

Here are the Bottom 10 2028 Revenues-
Bottom 10 Revenues.png
Here are the Bottom 10 2028 Markets Before Breaking Ties-
Bottom 10 Markets Before Tie Breakers.png
Here are the Bottom 10 2028 Markets After Breaking Ties Using Budgets and Win%-
Bottom 10 Markets After Tie Breakers.png
Here are the Teams Eligible for 2029 Competitive Balance Picks-
Compensation Eligible Teams.png
The 14 Above Teams will Receive Sandwich Picks that can be Traded Only Once by Them. The first 7 will have picks at the end of the first round after the free agent comp picks. The others will have their picks after any 2nd round FA comp picks at the end of the 2nd round
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