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Be as informative as possible in your trade blocks. The more a GM knows about what you are offering or looking for the smoother the trade can go.
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Red Sox players available

Post by ScottZ » Sun May 20, 2018 2:17 pm
Joseph Corrigan 1B/3B/RF is available for trade. Corrigan batted .288 with a .344 OBP, 54 home runs, and 132 RBI last season. Due to a front ended contract, Corrigan is a financial STEAL at $6,000,000 this season.
Justin Maffei LF is available for trade. Maffei had a nice .380 OBP last season hitting a respectable 21 home runs. Justin's walk rate is pretty high and would be a good addition to place in front of your big RBI producer.

The Red Sox are looking at building a competitive team 2-5 years down the road and are looking for younger talent/prospects to reach this goal.

If you have interest in either player, let me know privately on Slack.
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