Cincinnati Top Players available.

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Cincinnati Top Players available.

Post by ScottZ » Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:39 pm

Thinking about starting from square 1 with the Reds and I have 2 players that I feel would help a team looking to make the playoffs or potentially win it all this year. Feel free to let me know of any interest and players that you have available in trade. Here's what I have to offer right now.

Naturally, I am in the market for prospects or young players on 40-man rosters. CARLOS RODON - SP

6/7/6 ratings with 6/7/6 pitches.

Currently 4-3 3.44 ERA n a weak Cincinnati team.

VERY friendly contract
2025 $15M
2026 $9M (buyout $2.25M)
2027 $9M (buyout $2.25M) LEWIN DIAZ = LF/1B

Diaz is in currently in his prime at age 28 and is signed through 2028 season with a vesting option for 2029. This is a guy that can hit in the middle of any lineup.

Contact-6/Power-7/Eye-5 Batting .305 with 22 home runs (projected to 52 for the season) with a .974 OPS.

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