New Jersey Pioneers Trade Block 2024-2025 Offseason

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Be as informative as possible in your trade blocks. The more a GM knows about what you are offering or looking for the smoother the trade can go.
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New Jersey Pioneers Trade Block 2024-2025 Offseason

Post by Eddie Paxil-Commish » Fri Oct 20, 2017 3:41 pm

The New Jersey Pioneers don't really have too many players we can deal, but we do have options.

Could you use a 27yo Catcher with a consistently 3+ WAR over the last 4 seasons? What if he made less than 7.5 mil and was locked in for three years at less than that with two team options after that? The New Jersey Pioneers have such a player in C Jake Jessel we acquired from the Marlins. We are willing to flip him and retain 55% of his salary making him cost less than 7.5 mil per if you send us a nice package of specs. In the immortal words of Frasier Crane, "I'm listening."

We have budget space to take some salary from you if you'll give us a sweetener of a future prospect. in return we can offer a player to be named later or cash to be sent at a later date.

Also we have acquired some players via trade we'd be willing to flip and I'd be willing to retain salary too if necessary:

2B Luis Medina- This is an OB machine. On a good team this guy is OB and scoring a lot. Only costs 1.2 mil this year then he's a free agent. Can DH and teaching him a good 1B should be easy. I'd even be willing to retain his whole salary for a fair return

C Carson Kelly- 30yo is a classic veteran backup catcher, making only 5 mil this season with a 5 mil team option next. On Kelly I'd retain 65% salary.

OF Cisco Rosario-Classic RH bench Outfielder who can play all three spots well. Very controllable making the minimum. And from Danbury, Conn home of the world's most non threatening prison.
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