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Be as informative as possible in your trade blocks. The more a GM knows about what you are offering or looking for the smoother the trade can go.
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NY Yankees Block

Post by DavidJ » Tue Dec 03, 2019 3:28 am

Willing to chat about veterans!

SP Hector Villarroel (LHP)- https://statsplus.net/omlb/reports/news ... _6727.html
RP Tyler Thornton - https://statsplus.net/omlb/reports/news ... _2524.html
SP Marc Sanford (LHP) - https://statsplus.net/omlb/reports/news ... 22676.html
* Bit of a contract (happy to keep him as a Captain, but if you're interested)

1B John SIngleton - https://statsplus.net/omlb/reports/news ... _3424.html
* Already 30 HR
2B Ronnie Demorizi - https://statsplus.net/omlb/reports/news ... _5462.html
LF Bobby Kerr - https://statsplus.net/omlb/reports/news ... 12132.html
SS/2B Ed Westover - https://statsplus.net/omlb/reports/news ... 20603.html
OF Jesus Arellano - https://statsplus.net/omlb/reports/news ... 16362.html

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