How To Turn Achievement Points Into Rewards

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This is where GMs can post to request using their Achievement Points for the different available items.
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How To Turn Achievement Points Into Rewards

Post by Eddie Paxil-Commish » Thu Mar 05, 2015 9:05 pm

Please post a new thread in this forum with your Achievement Rewards request. (Just like you would with a trade.) After I process your request I will Move the thread to the processed area and lock it.

You can find your point tallies here:

You can only accrue 300 points PER season, but you can save up as many as you want to try and go after the larger value rewards.

Here are the rewards and their values:

25 Points per 100 seats

25 points per foot moving fences in on a Original In Game Stadium. Fences can't be moved out on these types of stadiums. If you have switched to a Gambo Stadium you can do either.

25 points to add a player nickname.

25 Points to convert a retired player to coach

50 points raise fan interest 1 point. Fan interest cannot exceed 80 via this method.

300 points to customize a minor league team.

1500 Points for a new 35,000 seat retractable roof grass stadium. Roof subsidized by MLB per league rules. Must have been a GM for 5 seasons. Dimensions must be within reason. We will use Gambo’s stadium sheet to figure out park factors. 50 points more for an alternate surface. 25 Points per 100 additional seats.

2000 points to relocate a Major League team. Must have been a GM in this league for 7 seasons. The points price includes stadium. 50 points more for an alternate surface. 25 Points per 100 additional seats.
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