Los Angeles Angels Organization Overview

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Los Angeles Angels Organization Overview

Post by captaincoop17 » Thu May 21, 2020 9:39 pm

After a long winter selling off parts and acquiring any young talent they could find, the Angels organization starts Year 1 of their rebuild in 2032. The Opening Day Roster is not the most talented in the league, but it is full of guys trying to make a name for themselves and hoping to prove they belong in the future plans with the organization. The farm system is one of the best and deepest in the OMLB and has set the Angels up for success in a couple years.

Opening Day Roster
1. Charlie Sharp
2. Jon Reintjes
3. Jeff Fidell
4. Jesus Orosco
5. Masahide Tanaka

Probably the strongest/most talented part of the Opening Day roster, the rotation will be headlined by Rule 5 pick Charlie Sharp and youngster Jon Reintjes. Sharp will get the nod on Opening Day after spending the last 9 seasons in the minor leagues with the Toronto, Seattle, Tampa Bay, and Detroit organizations. He has a 3.55 ERA in his minor league career, while averaging 11.6 K/9. The Angel organization believes he has the stuff to start at the Major League level and were thrilled to get him in the 2nd round of the Rule 5 draft. Jon Reintjes was acquired from the Arizona Diamondbacks in the Brady Aiken trade. He is coming off a 1.84 ERA season that saw him amass 102 strikeouts in just 68 innings pitched (all in relief). When he takes the mound in Game 2 of the regular season, he will be making his first Major League start. Still just 25 years old, the Angels are hoping his changeup develops into a legit third pitch and allow him to work as a starter long-term. If not, he will fall back on his electric fastball/change-up combo and work out of the bullpen in a multi-inning role. Rookie Jeff Fidell was named the teams #3 starter after an up and down Spring Training. Fidell has the makeup of a back-end work horse starter, but has yet to see any Major League action. Originally a 14th round pick in 2028, Fidell has worked his way through the minor leagues and the Angels are hoping he can lay claim to a long-term rotation spot as well. Jesus Orosco and Masahide Tanaka round out the back-end of the rotation and will look to eat innings to keep the bullpen well rested. Orosco came over from the Cubs in the offseason and has 47 major league starts under his belt, all coming in 2029 and 2030. Tanaka was a piece of the Rob Lewis trade, he worked most of the 2031 season out of the bullpen for the Twins, but the Angels are hoping he gets off to a strong start so they can move him for more young talent this season.

CL - Jose Mercado
SU - Oscar Hudson
SU - Esteban Flores
MR - Cy Handrich
MR - Jose Ayala
MR - Bob Barbosa
MR - Hector Cordero
LR - Steve Hibler

The back-end of the bullpen is comprised of 3 veteran relievers in hopes of showing this young team how to close out games. Mercado missed the entire 2031 season, but signed a 3 year, $21M extension with the Angels in hopes of still being here when they are competitive again. Hudson was a waiver claim over the winter from a deep Yankee organization, the Angels are interested in how he will fare with a full season in the Major League. Esteban Flores had a career year in 2031 out of the Angel bullpen, working 108 innings to a 2.58 ERA across 60 appearances. The middle relief group is very inexperienced, but the Angels like the upside in getting these guys big league innings. Handrich has a full season of experience under his belt and is hoping for better results in 2032. Ayala, Barbosa, Cordero, and Hibler are all rookie arms, with 3 of them coming from the Rule 5 draft. The Angels see Ayala as a starter down the line, but he has never pitched above A ball and they want to bring him in slowly. Barbosa has had a good minor league career in the New Jersey organization as a starter, but the Angels like his stuff coming out of the bullpen better right now. Hibler and Cordero are both very raw arms and expect to see some hiccups from them in their first big league season.

1. Teddy Cox - RF
2. Ken McDonald - LF
3. Esteban Ramirez - 1B
4. Dave Zaworski - DH
5. Shawn Coleman - 3B
6. Mario Villarreal - C
7. Juan Solis - SS
8. Cedric Muncher - 2B
9. Wilson Garcia - CF

With most of the hitting prospects in the organization still in the minor leagues, the Angels were forced to piece together a starting lineup. Right now, only Esteban Ramirez is a long-term lock for the Angels, but Zaworski and Solis are hoping to burst on to the scene this year and earn big league jobs going forward. Zaworski was selected from the Arizona organization in the Rule 5 draft and has crushed minor league pitching at every level. Juan Solis was a Rule 5 draft pick last year by Las Vegas, but was claimed off waivers by the Angels this offseason and will be given every chance to show what he can do at shortstop this year. The Angels had no other shortstop on the roster when Solis hit waivers, so it was a match made in heaven. Teddy Cox and Ken McDonald were claimed off waivers from the Atlanta organization and will man the outfield corners. Cox had two of his best seasons in his career as an Angel in 2024 and 2025. Mario Villarreal, Shawn Coleman, Cedric Muncher, and Wilson Garcia round out the rest of the diamond. None of these four are in the Angels long-term plans, but a good showing in 2032 could change that (or get them shipped out of town to a contender). Villarreal has a leg up on the other three though since he is a catcher and that is probably the weakest position in the organization.

C Jose Rosa (starts every 5th game catching)
IF Wilbert Wintermute (starts every 3rd game at shortstop)
IF Joe Witters (starts every 3rd game at second base)
OF Kyle Van Ness (starts in RF versus lefties)

Going with a four man bench to start the season, with all four looking at regular playing time. Rosa has had a long career as a backup catcher and the Angels are hoping he can mentor the young Villarreal behind the plate. Wintermute was a Rule 5 pick from the Tigers and the Angels will look to get him acclimated around the infield. Joe Witters was an 11th round pick in 2026 and has risen all through the minors with his slap hitting approach, he will also get work around the infield. Kyle Van Ness has what scouts call "light towering power," but he has yet to put a full season together in the minors and seems to struggle against right handed pitching. The Angels like his upside and will start him against lefties for now, with the hope of getting him more and more playing time against righties.

The most important part of the organization...

Prospect Rankings
1. CF Esteban Lopez (Potential: 80) - the centerpiece of the Rob Lewis trade, Lopez currently ranks as the 14th best prospect in the OMLB. His combination of power and speed make him the ideal replacement for Rob Lewis. He will get his first taste of professional baseball in Single A Burlington in 2032.

2. 1B Esteban Ramirez (Potential: 73) - a first round pick in 2028, Ramirez has mashed the baseball at each minor league stop and will finally get his crack at big league pitching this year as the teams starting first baseman.

3. CF Bartholomew Bailey (Potential: 68) - acquired from the Pioneers in a draft day swap back in 2029, Bailey has played well in the low minors and will suit up next to Esteban Lopez in the Burlington outfield this year. If all goes to plan, Burlington currently houses 2/3rd's of the Angels future outfield.

4. 1B Bernardo Perez (Potential: 68) - a "throw-in" from the Detroit Tigers when the Angels acquired Manny Silva, Perez has developed just as the Angels had hoped. While currently blocked by Esteban Ramirez at first base, Perez looks like the heir to the DH spot in the Angels lineup.

5. SP Mauro Gutierrez (Potential: 67) - the top arm in the Angels system, Gutierrez was the other key piece in the Rob Lewis trade. Only 21 years old, he is coming off a strong season in Double A and looks prime to crack the big league rotation as early as September 2032.

6. 3B Ed Mechlin (Potential: 62) - acquired this offseason from the Pioneers for Kevin Walsh, Mechlin looks like he could be a good third baseman down the line, but he is still just 20 years old and does not have any experience above Rookie Ball. Mechlin and a group of others are in competition for the future third base spot.

7. SP Angaraka Shorey (Potential: 58) - a 9th round pick in 2029, Shorey now rates as the #54 prospect in the league. Given the amount of arms in the system and Shorey's 2.5 pitch mix currently, it would not be surprising to see him work out of the bullpen as he rises through the minor leagues.

8. SP Clarence Goldwasser (Potential: 57) - another draft day swap with the Pioneers, Goldwasser was in line to start Opening Day for the Angels, but service time consideration have him ticketed to start the season in Triple A. Goldwasser projects as a #3 starting pitcher at least.

9. SP Jorge Munoz (Potential: 53) - a waiver claim from the Tigers landed Munoz in the Angels organization. With a 98-100 MPH fastball and two other above average pitches, the Angels see Munoz as a future starter if he keeps developing.

10. 3B Anibal Martinez (Potential: 53) - acquired from the Twins in a salary dump of Juan Perez, Martinez was originally seen as just a young international complex kid. After being sent to winter ball, the 17-year old really turned some heads and might be on the fast track to the hot corner in Anaheim. Martinez will be one of the youngest players in full season ball when Single A Burlington starts their season.

11. SP Junior de Loera (2032 ETA)
12. 2B Luis Hernandez (2034 ETA)
13. 3B Oscar Crotts (2032 ETA)
14. SP Jeff Fidell (2032 ETA)
15. SP Cesar Lopez (2032 ETA)
16. SP Jose Ayala (2032 ETA)
17. RF Joe Waddill (2034 ETA)
18. CL Ollie Stephens (2032 ETA)
19. CL Greg Cucinotta (2034 ETA)
20. CL Rob Loguercio (2034 ETA)
21. SP Eddie Song (2034 ETA)
22. SP Jose Romo (2034 ETA)
23. SP Luis Canseco (2035 ETA)
24. SP Jorge de Alba (2034 ETA)
25. SS Dewitt Biernat (2034 ETA)
26. SS Danny Boles (2035 ETA)
27. SP Pepe Urjiles (2035 ETA)
28. SP Aurelio Perez (2035 ETA)
29. RP Bud Huffaker (2034 ETA)
30. CF Jimmy Hodges (2034 ETA)

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