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Independent League Player Purchases

Finding major league depth and the right role players after an injury can be difficult. Free agency is sometimes an undesirable option in August if you need some help now because the player hasn’t played all year. Many Independent Ball players are former MLB players or players that rejuvenated their careers after being cut. The American Independent leagues have an agreement with the MLB that allows bids to be placed on its players. The Independent team will receive cash from the bidding MLB team and will then be used to buy out the remaining value on the player’s contract. The Independent team will pocket the rest. It’s a win-win for both organizations.

Who is eligible for purchase?

Players in the American Baseball Compact, the Can Am League, the Frontier League, and the Pecos League are eligible for purchase. The foreign and foreign Independents are not eligible. OOTP will only allow players from the active Independent League roster to be purchased. No one from the reserve rosters may be purchased.

When and how to bid

Initial bids will be made only after the Independent seasons have begun in May. Once the MLB season reaches August 31, no more bids will be allowed. All bids will start at $30k. You must have the cash and be in the green in order to place bids. All outbids must be double the previous bid.

The original bidder will have the right to match any outbid so it’s in the best interest of everyone to get at it quickly. It is not required, nor is it encouraged to post initial bids in the #independentbids channel.

Outbids and matches must be posted in #independentbids while tagging the member of the prior bid. Example: Houston outbids @blue for Joe Bird. Outbids and matches will be processed the next sim day. All Independent purchases will be processed before the sim, just like trades.

Commish note: It’s important to remember to turn off the player purchases in the Independent League's financial settings or the AI teams will start purchasing players. To process bids more that 30k, simply change the purchase amount in the financial settings. Be sure to set it back to 30k and disable it when you are done. Bids will be processed on the first day of the sim. The normal sequence should be to process trades, then Independent Bids, sim then upload.
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